Ph.D. candidates must register at the Faculty of Biology secretariat within the stated registration period: 7 -14 September 2018, Monday-Friday 9-14; Saturday-Sunday 9-12.

Registration fee: 300 lei

The fee will be paid at the University Cashiers Office (36-46, Kogalniceanu Blvd., Rector's Building - basement). The receipt must be submitted to the Faculty of Biology secretariat before the interview for the Ph.D. admission.Interview for Ph.D. Admission

Interview for Ph.D. admission will be held on 18th September, 2018, 9:00 a.m., PCBE Conference Room, ground floor, Faculty of Biology, Spl. Independentei 91-95.

The interview will consist of a 10-15 minute Ph.D. research proposal PowerPoint presentation, followed by a question and answer period with examination committee members.

Guide for drafting Ph.D. research proposal

  • The title of the research project / Relevance / Motivation of the research project
  • Short and precise overview about the current state of research that is immediately connected with your own research project. Name the most important contributions of other scientists (not to exceed 2 pages)
  • Aims and objectives of the research project
  • The experimental design with some consideration of the methods/approach you might use (not to exceed 2 pages)
  • Expected original results (not to exceed a half page)
  • A list of relevant references (cited in the text)