Departamentul de Biochimie și Biologie Moleculară organizează două programe de master astfel:

Masterul de cercetare: Biochimie și Biologie Moleculară (BBM)

   -  Plan de învățământ BBM

   -  Fișele disciplinelor BBM

   Tematica de admitere BBM

         - Proteine

         - Acizi nucleici (partea I)

         - Acizi nucleici (partea aIIa)

         - Tehnici in biologia moleculara

Poster MBBM 2021 OK 

Masterul profesional: Biochimie Clinică Aplicată (BioClinAp)

   - Plan de învățământ BioClinAp

   - Fișele disciplinelor BioClinAp

   -  Admitere BioClinAp

   -  Tematica de admitere BioClinAp

Poster BioClinAp     

Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a Master`s degree that aims to provide students with advanced academic and research training in biochemistry and molecular biology, allowing them a future research career and acces to a doctorate program. The content of courses ensures a very good training in the study of molecular processes occuring in living cells. Knowledge in bioinformatic and statistic techniques are also provided. Also, this Masters` Program achieves the training of future researchers in Molecular Biomedicine, generating the possibility of graduates to work on the interface between fundamental and clinical research in universities, clinical laboratories, hospitals, and biomedical research centers.

Selective list of given courses:

Advanced Molecular Genetics



Cell signaling


Gene therapy

Molecular basis of diseases

Biochemical and molecular toxicology


Professor Anca Dinischiotu

Associate Professor Sergiu Emil Georgescu